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What to Expect When You're Expecting...

Windows & Doors!

We recognize that you have made an important financial decision regarding your home. The following information will help to guide you through the process to make things as easy as possible. Here are the next steps once you sign your contract-

Final Measure- Our office staff will call you shortly to set up a final measure, so we can ensure your new product is ordered perfectly!

There will be a few months between your final measure and your install date. In this time we are placing the order, and getting your permit ready for install. When all is ready on our end, our office staff will call you to set up your install date.

Install- Upon arrival on installation day, the team leader will introduce himself and let you know that he will be your point of contact throughout the installation portion of your contract. If applicable, he will present you with a permit that must be available at all times in the event of an inspection.

During your install, our crew will be in and out of your home. They will protect all areas that they will be working in from dust and debris to the best of their ability. On most jobs, dust will be minimal however, if you have block or stucco being cut back, it can be a challenge, but our Crew will do their best. There may be minimal clean up afterwards.

If you have any concerns about anything else in your home being affected (furniture, floors, flowers, etc.), please let our Crew know!  Once the installation is complete, our crew will wipe away any visible handprints, dirt or smudges, and remove the Brand stickers from your windows. Product Specification stickers must be left on until your inspection. At the end of your install, they will do a full walk around to review installation, and to test product function. The installation crew will have your Invoice on hand, and balance is due at completion of installation.

Inspection- A municipal inspection is required after most installs. Our office staff will call you within 1-2 business days of your install to set up your inspection date. Please keep in mind, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to be home to meet the inspector or make arrangements for a substitute to be there in your place.  We make every effort to make this as convenient as possible, however, we are not in control of this process but will do what we can to assist.

Post Inspection Service- After your inspection is complete, our office staff will call you to schedule your Post Inspection Service, where all screw holes will be covered, and Product Specification stickers will be removed. The Service Team will have your Final Invoice on hand and balance is due at completion of Post Inspection Service.

Final Paperwork- After everything is complete, a copy of your contract, a “Paid in Full” receipt, and all of the Warranty Info on your products will be mailed to you for your records.


Questions? No Problem! Please give our office staff a call so we can address them for you!

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